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Women have always been healers. They were the unlicensed doctors and anatomists of Western history. They were abortionists, nurses, and counselors. They were pharmacists, cultivating healing herbs and exchanging secrets of their uses. They were midwives, travelling from home to home and village to village. For centuries women were doctors without degrees, barred from books and lectures, learning from each other, and passing on experience from neighbor to neighbor and mother to daughter. They were called “wise women” by the people, witches or charlatans by the authorities. Medicine is part of our heritage as women, our history, our birthright.
Witches Midwives and Nurses: A History of Women Healers - Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English (via cielito-lindo)

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The Root refers to Thug Kitchen as “a recipe in blackface.” Belittling and commoditizing “ghetto” symbols and imagery for white gain is a form of racism and appropriation. It draws on a long history of white persons feeling entitled to control over non-white spaces. Whites draw on their immense social power to pick and choose from vulnerable communities from the safety and comfort of their spaces of privilege. As another example, consider the popularity of black jazz music among young whites in the early 19th century, though people of color were living in extreme poverty, segregation, and political disempowerment under white supremacy. By way of another example, consider the mass extermination of Native Americans, centuries of white supremacist legislation that maintains poverty and poor health in Native communities, and the subsequent swarms of contemporary whites of European ancestry who idealistically lay claim to Cherokee blood, proudly display tattoos of sacred indigenous symbols, and think the “Redskins” logo honors native peoples.

"Thug" language is also problematic because it is an extremely politicized word. It may be cheeky and "all in good fun" for the whites reproducing and consuming "thug" culture, but for those who actually live under those labels, it is a matter of life and death. Being labeled "thug" in white America generally means being targeted for racial profiling, police harassment, public distrust, job and housing discrimination, and murder or incarceration at the hands of whites. "Thug" politics influence many white Americans who find the murder of young teen Trayvon Martin acceptable. Indeed, I have had white-identified students in my class take great offense because, during lecture, I used an image of Martin in clothes that the average American teenage boy might wear, instead of his "thug" hoodie that marked him as deserving of Zimmerman’s assault.

It has been noted that “thug” has become the new n-word. It is the new, more acceptable way to speak to blackness as a public threat.2 That football player deserved to be reprimanded, he was a thug. That man deserves to be in prison, he is a thug. That boy deserved to be shot, he was a thug. We intuitively know that “thug” suggests that the person of mention is probably of color. “Thug” acts as a racial identifier. But once labeled “thug,” you become suspect. You also become innately deserving of whatever institutionalized violence is enacted upon you. There is no race-neutrality about thug rhetoric. It works to maintain a system of violence against people of color.

Nor can thug symbolism be disassociated from a long and ongoing history of white supremacy. Think about why the commercial for the Thug Cookbook is supposed to be funny: because it showcases white people “acting black.” What this means is, being non-white is funny because non-white culture is supposedly course and ignorant. Cultures of color are drawn on for white amusement, with complete disregard to the reality of the white supremacy we still live within. It’s not okay for white boys and girls to wear headdresses to festivals. It’s not okay for white boys and girls to dress up in a poncho and a sombrero as a Halloween “costume.” It’s not okay for white people to wear blackface. And it’s not okay for white people to play “thug” to sell books. This is especially so when whites in the Nonhuman Animal rights movement frame tactics and theory in ways that reflect the white experience and ignore the experiences of other communities. Just as one example, the cookbook prioritizes recipes that are prepared with fresh vegetables, but 23.5 million Americans currently live in a food desert where fresh vegetables (and sometimes fresh water) are not accessible. Fresh vegetables might be seen as more practical, basic, and inclusive than many vegan ingredients, but only if you are a person lucky enough to have access to these commodities. Many people do not: especially if they are poor, Appalachian, or persons of color. The intended audience of Thug Kitchen could not be made any clearer. And the use of “thug” rhetoric to sell this cookbook could not be made any more problematic.

The Thug Kitchen Cookbook: Whole Foods Go “Ghetto” by Corey Wrenn

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what a time to be alive, to have strong female characters being portrayed by women of color black women

kerry washington, nicole beharie, and viola davis are all black women

they have faced countless attacks from the media and from fans due to their blackness 

do not erase who they are and who/what they represent

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4 Year Old Foils Babysitter’s Robbery Plot - Video

Let’s just blame the black guy…

believe a little girl in 30 seconds but won’t believe the black man after 5 hours….lol ok.

Says a lot.

It really does. I think it’s wonderful that she told that truth however, this is a prime example of white privilege. At 4 years old, she actually had systematic power over the fate of a Black male. White privilege is a very real and impactful thing.

I know that this story is heartwarming in it’s own way. Yes, the 4 year old has more in the way of ethical fiber in her pinky than her babysitter has in her whole body. Yes, it’s case closed on a wrongfully accused case that could have had very serious consequences for the neighbor involved…

but there’s something really chilling about an otherwise law abiding citizen being arrested and questioned in handcuffs for 5 hours on the casual implication of a 17 year old. 

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